Felton Quary Rd

37 03.050N 122 02.800W

Located behind the Probation Center, overlooking Hansen Quary. There are several accessible trails leading to the top of the hill. The easiest is to park at the Probation Center and walk past the staff parking area on the left of the building. It's about 1/4 mile climb up the hill. There are many trails in the area, so try not to get lost. Next to the cell site, is a large wooden cross and two park benches with a nifty view of Scotts Valley.

Tower Height = approx 100 ft.

Covers Scotts Valley, and Felton.

Photographs taken Nov 23, 2002.

Crummy picture taken from Whispering Pines Rd in Scotts Valley looking North-West. I think I need a telephoto lens, less haze, or a better camera.

Photographs taken Jan 25, 2003.

Tower and radios. The omni at the very top belongs to Santa Cruz County. The three panels are Dobson (Cell One). The lower two omnis (one hidden by the tower) are Skytel 900MHz pageing.

View of Scotts Valley (from ground) with Loma Prieta in the haze.