Highway 17 at milepost 8.21

Cingular (SF-876)

Others (unknown)

37° 05.54´N, 121° 58,55´W, (NAD27, 1445 ft. altitude by GPS

Site is temporary and will move closeby to a shared site with unknown providers.

This site is about a mile up a private road, some paved, some dirt located at a chained entrance by milepost 8.21. It is north of Vine Hill Road and before Glenwood.

The site overlooks highway 17 and is on a wooded hilltop. It is so well hidden I have not spotted it while driving yet, and I know where it is!

Antennas look like they are aligned with Highway 17 N/S.
Antenna height above ground ???

Site under construction.

This is a brand new site under construction. It is operational using a diesel generator. Note the crank up tower.

It is believed that the site will move slightly higher up the hill as soon as construction of a shared site is completed.

I live on a ridge top off Highway 17 on Crescent Drive. I used to be able to get strong signals at my home until about September 2002 when suddenly the signals dropped to nill. I could only make a call by walking to the south end of my place.

I complained loudly to Cingular about the "down'ed site and they insisted everything was OK. Suddenly in Mid October my signal returned, but it was not nearly as strong. Discovery of this site provided the answer to the mystery. Cingular decided to replace a site somewhere to the north of me with another one (this one). Of course they didn't wait to build the new one before closing the site and they never let me know a thing. This incident was the last straw and caused me to cancel one of my Cingular accounts. I am just waiting for a good deal with another provider.

Site under construction

A view of the site under construction with the equipment cabinet in front.