Highway 17 at the Summit

Cingular (SF-899)

Others (unknown)

100 ft north of 37° 08.02´W, 121° 58.83´W, (NAD27),

Site shared with at least one other provider. (unknown)

22970 Highway 17 (behind Casa Del 17 Country Store)

This site is identified as "CA 1448, Burns Creek, Los Gatos" by Spectrasite Communications.

This site is located behind the gate (see picture below) which is just north of Casa del 17 country store on the east side of the highway. The towers are so well hidden behind trees that you cannot get a good view of them from the store property. This picture was taken from the large parking lot on the west side of the highway about 800 feet to the south of the Casa.

A closeup of the tower. This cannot be seen from the highway.

This is the gate to the property where the towers are located. Looking carefully through the trees you can just barely see the bases of the two towers.