Manresa State Beach.

Cingular (SF-888)



36° 58.03´N, 121° 51.96´W, (NAD27) 472 ft. altitude by GPS

Site is not at Manresa Beach State park. It is North of freeway just Southbound of Highway 1 and Freedom Blvd. exit.

To get to the site, exit Freedom Blvd. going North Highway 1, take the fromtage road past the Highway Patrol station and then along the freeway about a half mile. The road ends and there is a dirt road which you can walk up the hill, around the water tank and there it is. There is another paved road access, but I don't know where it is.

This shows the Cingular site with tower in the center. The tower to the right shares Sprint and Verizon. The top of this tower can just barely be seen from the freeway South of Freedom Blvd., but you must look carefully.

The Cingular equipment cabinet.

Sprint on top, Verizon on bottom

Antennas seem to line up North and South Highway 1.