New West Foods Packing Plant

Cingular (SF-732)

Sprint M045XC002

36° 51.94´ N, 121° 46.47´ W, (NAD27), 149 ft. altitude by GPS.

1276 Highway 1, Watsonville (Monterey County)

Antennas appear to be 360°, 3 sector.

Antenna Height above ground ???

This site is shared by Sprint M045XC002

This site is included as part of Santa Cruz County because it serves Highway 1 just as you cross the county line. It is actually located on a bluff overlooking the Watsonville wetlands.

Photographs taken October 21, 2002

This sign just south of Salinas Road and Highway 1. Take the road to New West Foods.

Half of these antennas are Cingular's, half are Sprint. Cingular's are the ones fed by the equipment boxes on the corner of the building

Equipment cabinets for the Cingular site.

Closeup of a Sprint Antenna