Pasatiempo and Highway 17

Cingular (SF-748)

36 ° 59.94´N, 122° 01.24´W, (NAD27), 295 ft. altitude by GPS

Highway 17 and Pasatiempo exit ,on opposite side of freeway from Pasatiempo Inn.

Antenna appears to be 360°, 3 sector.
Tower height above ground ???

Photographs taken October 19, 2002

A single round tower with a cylindrical antenna on top sits inside a small plot surrounded by a picket fence.

To find this site, exit Northbound Highway 17 at the Pasatiempo exit. Make a right turn on Pasatiempo Drive about 50 feet. Park on the frontage road. The site is visible from the freeway offramp and is accessible by a private driveway about 100 feet down the frontage road.

A refrigerator sized equipment cabinet sits near the tower inside the fence.

The equipment cabinet at the Pasatiempo site.

Cingular's equipment cabinet has a site identification number.

Most of the Cingular sites have an identification number, here SF-748. SF meaning part of the San Francisco Network. Note "Pac Bell" has been painted over with "Cingular"

Spectrasite communications now operates this site.

This sign was not there when I last checked the site over a year ago. Who are they?