Pfeiffer Cooler

Dobson Cell 1

Other (unknown)

36° 57.56´N, 122° 03.09´W (NAD27) 102ft altitude by GPS

2611 Mission Blvd, Santa Cruz. known as "Natural Bridges cell site 114"

Lower antennas estimated 26 ft. above ground.

Upper antennas estimated 35 ft. above ground.

Both antennas appear to be 360° coverage in 3 sectors.

The site is on Mission Blvd in West Santa Cruz. Mission Blvd jogs off of Highway 1 (Coast Highway), and the site may be seen to the South of the Coast Highway.

It is located inside a parking lot and can also be gotten close to by following the railway tracks.

The tower and one equipment room (Cellular 1) can be seen. Another equal size shed is behind Cell One's.

A closeup of the 2 providers panel antennas.

Antenna closeup.