Mt. Hermon Road near Lockwood Dr.

37° 02.96´N, 122° 02.17´W, (NAD27) 502 ft. altitude by GPS

Cingular (SF-894)

Located on Mt. Hermon Road, exiting Scotts Valley towards Felton.

Antennas are aimed East and West along Mt Hermon Road
Antenna Height estimated 25 ft above ground.

Photographs taken October 19 and November 2, 2002

This site is really hard to find. It is up a steep climb about 50 feet above the road. At the top is a wall which encloses a housing project. See the last picture for a landmark on Mt. Hermon Road to spot this site.

The equipment boxes on this site are the smallest I have seen yet. There appears to be a connection to a telephone line, so this is not a repeater site. The top most box contains a standard GPS receiver , the same as on larger sites.

The site is located about 100 feet in front of this sign, up and to the right. You are facing east on Mt Hermon road. Skypark Drive/Lockwood Ave. is about 1/2 mile ahead.