Trout Gulch and Soquel Drive, Aptos.

Cingular (SF-736)

Sprint (FS22XC004)

1 Post Office Drive, Aptos.

Both antennas appear to be 360° coverage in 3 sectors.

Photographed Friday, October 25, 2002

You can see this from Soquel Drive. Cingular's tower on the left and Sprint's on the right can be seen behind the building.

To get here, get to Soquel and Trout Gulch Dr. and look toward the freeway. These towers can be seen from the freeway if you are quick and are the passenger, but are pretty well hidden.

Cingular's tower is on the left, Sprint on the right.

The equipment cabinet at Cingular's SF-736

The sprint equipment cabinets.

A closeup of the Sprint antennas.