Shizuoka Vertical Mill CNC Conversion Project

by Jeff Liebermann, Greg Gludt, and Gunnar Vatvedt

This web log is in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry at the top.


Conversion of a Shizuoka ST-N vertical mill to CNC. The original mill used a Bandit controller which had become old and unreliable. It would be cheaper to replace the controller and motors, than to fix the Bandit. We purchased a controller, 3 KRS drivers, and 3 KRS servo motors on AliExpress.

Shizuoka Before Conversion

Shizuoka Before Convsersion

Drivers and Servos

KRS Drivers and Servos



The first major problem was decoding the English translation of the Chinese documentation. This proved to be difficult, but not impossible. Also, some of the drawings in the manuals didn't match our configuration. For example, the 220VAC power is shown in the manual as connecting to the L1 and L3 on the driver module, but actually connects to L1 and L2. This is the correct way:

Driver AC Wiring

Driver AC wiring

 The schematic of how the DB-25P connector from the controller to the driver was not included in the manual. This was sent to use by the controller vendor:

KRS to Newker Connections

KRS to Newker connections

There were also a number of settings that needed to be changed in the drivers and in the controller.



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