Felton Linux Users Group talk on iPerf3

By Jeff Liebermann   Mar 28, 2015



The topic is somewhat of a continuation of my last rant on wireless mesh

networks.  During that talk, I badly demonstrated how to benchmark and

speed test wireless networks.  This talk is a continuation of those

tests, expanded to include some of the common programs (iperf3,

wifiperf, etc).  Last time, I used the old and obsolete iperf2.  This

time, I'll use the new and improved iperf3 which incidentally is a

total rewrite and is NOT compatible with iperf2 or jperf.


The problem is I haven't bothered to try any of the latest versions,

so this will be somewhat of a Learn by Destroying(tm) last minute

exercise.  If you want to be part of the problem, please install

iperf3 on your machine of choice.


For Apple users:



Unfortunately, the executable of iperf3 is not in the repository for

Ubuntu, but can be compiled and installed.  I'll see if I can find

a binary.



For those with Windoze machines, the binary is at:




You'll need the DLL's from Cygwin that are included in the ZIP file

to be located in the same directory at iperf3.


If you want to try iperf3 for testing your internet speeds, there

are public iperf3 servers at:


This is the physically closest that I could find:



iperf3 is also available for tablets and smartphones.  You won't

believe how bad these are in speed tests.

  http://accessagility.com/products/wifiperf.html  (old versions)

Be sure it's iperf3, not iperf2.  If the version is not specified,

it's probably iperf2.


This should help for Linux installs:



I don't plan to demonstrate Linux system tuning.

However, this is one of the major uses for iperf.

Some RTFM and why iperf3 is better:



If you're using an RPM based Linux mutation, the install

incantation is:

   yum -y install iperf3