2017-03-24  FLUG talk on running Android on ChromeOS
by Jeff Liebermann


Installing Play Store

https://chromeunboxed.com/more-chromebooks-getting-android-apps-in-beta-channel/   (script doesn’t work)


Cheats by emulating a Pixel.

Install Android apps on your Chromebook

How to install Android apps on a Chromebook


Switch between stable, beta, and development channels



Play store:



Chrome Web Store (apps):



Differences between Android phone/tablet and Chromebook.

·        Android has motion and position sensor.  Chromebook does not.

·        Android has GPS.  Chromebook does not.  No plugin GPS boards available for Chromebook.

·        Android has USB OTG.  Chromebook has USB 2.0/3.0 ports.

·        Chromebook has trackpad and mouse.  Android sorta has these.

·        Chromebooks have HDMI out.  Some Android have HDMI.

·        Play Store and Chrome Web Store differences.  Far more apps available for Android than Chrome OS.

·        http://www.rapidprogramming.com/questions-answers/difference-between-android-os-chrome-os-android-vs-chrome-os-1587

·        Android stores programs locally.  Chrome OS apps are extensions and plugins to the Chrome browser plus web apps.

·        Chome OS is very cloud oriented.  Android is local storage oriented but can use cloud storage.

·        Android can install programs that replace Google programs.  Everything runs in the Chrome browser on Chrome OS.

·        Chrome OS is designed for easy recovery after a “power wash”.  Android will recover data if synced, but not apps, which need to be reinstalled.




What can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…?

·        Some apps will not install, some for no obvious reason.

·        Some apps will not run.

·        Games require position sensor for input.  No joystick input.

·        Different screen drivers.  Non-adjustable screen size when running Android on Chromebook.  Either tiny simulation of smartphone (800x480)?, or huge full screen.

·        Android unable to access hardware registers directly (layer 2 tcp/ip).



# Startup Script for Android on Chromebook
# 2017/06/24 hacked from Reddit by Jeff Liebermann
# To setup, cut on the cut-here marks and save as
#   /usr/local/start-android.sh
# If it complains about write permissions, run:
#   shell
#   sudo su
# and try again.  Change execute permissions with:
#   chmod 755 /usr/local/start-android.sh

# To run the script, Login normally to Chrome OS.
#   <alt><ctrl><T> to start crosh.
#   shell
#   sudo su
#   /usr/local/start-android.sh
# Nothing should happen, but you might end up with a
# blank black screen.  If so, wait about 10 sec.  You

# will be logged out, so log back in.
#   Start -> Play(beta)
# To run the Play Store.  When first run, it should
# start the Play Store (beta) automatically.  It may
# also ask to install a critical update.  Do it.

# cut here --- cut here --- cut here --- cut here
# backup copy of conf file.
cp /etc/chrome_dev.conf /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf.01
# copy conf file to /usr/local
cp /etc/chrome_dev.conf /usr/local/
# clobber conf with notice that ARC (play store) is working.
echo "--arc-availability=officially-supported " > /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf
# do a tricky symbolic link using the mount command
mount --bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf
# logout without a power down
restart ui
# cut here --- cut here --- cut here --- cut here