Subject: Electric power pools and ISO's
From: Jeff Liebermann <>
Date: 2/13/2018 6:01 PM
To: Jeff Liebermann <>

Live monitoring of various parts and pieces of the USA and CA grid.
Please note that these sites are not really intended for general
consumption and are more of a monitoring site for power speculators
and investors.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  See "Electric Power Markets".

California Independent Service Operators:
There's quite a bit on the CAISO site, but much of it is buried under
a terminally disorganized web pile and various security obstructions.
In the past, there was considerably more information available to the
public.  However every time there's a security incident, the available
information is reduced.

Independent Service Operators of New England:

Midcontinent Independent System Operators

New York ISO

Electric Reliability Council of Texas

New Brunswick Power System Operator

Independent Electricity System Operator (Ontario Canada)

Southwest Power Pool

There are others but I'm too lazy to find them.

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