MSF5000 TLN2418A and TLN2419A toggle switches

Broken toggle switches are epidemic on the MSF5000 and its test sets. The problem is that the length of the toggle arm is too long and is easily broken. The stock length is 10mm, but I've also included the 5mm long toggles for those that want to fix the problem.

Digikey Part Number C&K Part Number Toggle Length (mm) Used In Cost
CKN1174-ND 7107MD9AV2BE 5 MSF5000 SCM $7.37
none 7107SD9AV2BE 10 MSF5000 SCM
CKN1175-ND 7101MD9V3QE 5 TLN2418A TLN2419A $6.86
CKN1449-ND 7101SD9V3QE 10 TLN2418A TLN2419A $6.88

This mess is NOT done. There are more switches to add and has NOT been checked.

by Jeff Liebermann AE6KS

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