150 Felker St Accident-2013-05-10 Alpha ST85 rev A
apple  The real Apple computer. battery-jv  Don't ask how these were moved. BC Wiring
bikes-may-use-full-lane black-foam-rust Blown Power Supply
BNC-dimensions burned-yam Cat-warmer
cat CATV-panel-Felton cd-bagel
cellphones  Checking cell phones for magentic fields that might affect a pacemaker. compaq1610  Compaq Presario 1610 laptop. Comrade-Ma-Bell-01
dae-young  Well named.  It Died Young. dead-battery-chargers diploma  Your Warranty.
disk-drives dummy-load-inductance e-hatband
fiber 01 gerd-cure Gold-01
grid-cm8x  Grid Squares and location of K6BJ club station. hammock hp-relay  Fried HP LJII power supply relay.  Note the burned contacts.
joe-02 Kill-a-watt P4400 kill-a-watt
kitchen-drain kntv  KNTV antenna on Loma Prieta. low-volt  Measuring power supply range to BEFW11S4.
luxo-flood mess01  Customer wiring.  Under all that is a 16 port switch, 8 port switch, IDSN router, Sonicwall router, Westel DSL modem, CATV amplfier, and 2 power strips.  The lower drawer is on rollers insuring that something will be intermittent. mess02  Remains after my bookshelves peeled themselves off the wall due to massive weight overload.
monopoleBurn ms-werd Olympus-BHC-Microscope
Phone Room After  2004.  Felton phone room after cleaning and rewiring. Phone Room Before  2004.  Felton phone room before cleaning and rewiring. pin-staightener
pocket protector power-amp Red-Fuming-Nitric
rental01 scrooge SCZ Victorian wiring mess
scz-nuke  The signs last about 2 weeks before they are stolen. shoes small-house
stones syringes tek213
too-many-radios Van-tower Walkera QR X350 Drone
wall-wart-01  How to plug 6 wall warts into a wrong way power strip. water valve Win8-downgrade
wolf-sheep you-save